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Jake Janz has a puzzle to solve but his beautiful assistant Ann is on top of it.  Modern technology has come to steal from Molly’s Jackson Hole shops and someone wants Janz gone. This could get dangerous but “when you awaken the sleeping giant” expect to get stomped.   Meanwhile while someone tries to kill Janz Ann has it figured out. Now its “come to Jesus” time for some ski bunnies.  

 Story Time:23 min

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Nunn Sense.wav

“Nunn Sense”

Jake Janz gets a big surprise when he and his friends help sister Ann Marie stop the Border Cartel Boss from Crucifying an old priest.

Jake’s assistant Ann teases him about “Not Getting Into The Habit” but, There is something she doesn’t Know………

Story time: 23 min

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Elton Mellum writes in many different areas. He has a very diverse background, which  allows his mind to travel.

These first two stories are part of his “Jake Janz Private investigator” series. He also write Country Humor, Spiritual and New Life. We Invite you to enjoy listening to these and many more.

Be sure and check back often as  we will be adding new stories and content.