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Elton J Mellum


When cartel of crooks try to steal this Amazing blond hair Viking maiden’s ranch they find out just how tough Jake Janz and his friends can be and it’s not pretty.  And Ann, his assistant, is about to show the leader of the gang that instead of the gold mine he gets the shaft.

Story Time: 25 min


Jake Janz was mesmerized by the beauty of Juanita Lopez as she danced the Flamenco and he was excited too.  He had come to help Juanita and her mother because her Father had been killed.  Janz wasn’t so sure.  But with help of his  ex Navy Seals buddy Erik and Erik’s two Apache ex Seals friends there was about to be a flamenco of violence in “The Land Of Enchantment.”                Story Time: 25 min


Jake Janz has a beautiful woman’s problems to try to solve.  Now to keep his mind on the danger and off the Lingerie.  Actually her Salons with lingerie shops attached were being threatened by a group he discovered were part of The Holy Ghost Temple.  All Hell was about to break lose.

Story Time: 21 min


Rachel needed help. The oil under her land brought out the greedy losers who had control of her drug addict brother.   Jake Janz,  P.I. and soldier of fortune, whose clients were beautiful women with big problems, was about to turn it all around with a little help from his friends. And of course a little “night magic” from his client.

Story Time: 28 min


While working in Phoenix Marion saw a killing by a cartel member and now they want her dead. She get’s to the cabin in the mountains of Montana and contacts Jake Janz. With a bounty on her a lot of people think they can kill her but they don’t count on Jake and his friends.


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